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23 Nov

Our New Arrival!!

It’s important to know that not all crib mattresses are made the same, and that choosing a crib mattress warrants careful consideration. You know that new babies need love, attention, nourishment, and up to 18 hours of sleep each day to grow up healthy. We want to keep your baby safe and as close to nature as possible when he is sleeping all those hours (fingers crossed).

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29 Jun

Eco-Friendly Summer Travel

It’s the best time of the year!  SUMMER.  Our days will perhaps be filled with sandy toes, salty hair, waterfalls, hiking, fishing, camping, sailing and dreaming under the stars.  One thing is for certain, though,...

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07 May

Tradition, Craftsmanship and the Best US Sourced Materials: Our Story

It seemed timely to us, with the current conditions in our job market and many people struggling to find work in what were once great manufacturing areas of the county, to write our story and...

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20 Apr

The NEW Pure Echo Mattress

An echo by definition may be interpreted as “a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style or event.”  It was 10 years ago that our fearless leader, Tim Masters (AKA, the Bedhead) started...

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08 Apr

The Yin and Yang of SLEEP!

We make mattresses, so obviously we love everything about sleep and getting the "best" sleep possible.  Here's a great take on how to achieve optimal sleep, written by my amazing, holistic healthcare practitioner, Eutimia Cruz...

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