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08 Oct

Working Nights? Here's How to Improve Your Sleep

If you consistently work the night shift, you know the toll that the lack of sleep has on your body. Those who work the night shift or transition their sleep between days and nights are at higher risk for fatigue, restlessness, and decreased attention, making it more important than ever that when you do get a chance to rest, that sleep should be of the highest quality possible.  Read more →
01 Oct

A Good Night’s Sleep Helps Protect You During Cold and Flu Season

The kids will be heading back to school soon, and bringing home runny noses and coughs. Whether we have kids in school or not, cold weather brings us back indoors after those glorious days in the sun and being in close quarters again helps spread the germs that are more stable in the dry, cold air. These are the perfect conditions to bring on cold and flu season. Read more →
20 Sep

5 Benefits of Your Child Sleeping on an All Natural Mattress

Non-organic mattress materials contain a number of chemicals including boric acid, a common ingredient in pesticides, and decabromodiphenyl oxide, a chemical that can be potentially dangerous for health issues linked to liver, thyroid, and neurological effects. Chemical exposure is especially an issue in new cribs. Read more →
19 Sep

5 Tips To Get A Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Tiny toes and fingers, diapers and pacifiers are all part of the normal life with a baby. Something that most parents experience is that their sweet bundle of joy wakes frequently throughout the night. This is because young babies can sleep lightly for periods of time  totaling around 14 hours a day of sleep for a 3 month old. There are some things that parents can do to encourage their little ones to sleep longer during the night hours. Read more →
10 Sep

8 Tips to Reset Your Body Clock

With increased screen time and high stress in today's society, many people have difficulty falling and staying asleep. Many times this is because the circadian rhythm is out of balance. Read more →

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