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18 Jun

6 Powerhouse Foods that will Help you Sleep Better at Night

There are many things that can prevent us from sleeping at night. Insomnia, stress, snoring, and pain are certainly some things that can contribute to our sleepless nights. It is no fun not being able to sleep, especially when you have a busy day ahead of you that requires you to get out of bed regardless of the night before. Read more →
21 Jun

Easy, No-Cook Pesto & Veggie Sauce

Pesto is a summer staple around here, especially with the bounty of basil growing in the garden. It’s great served mixed with pasta, on top of of fish or poultry, and mixed into dips.  I...

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04 Jun

Get Ready for Summer: DIY Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

Summer is officially here and in honor if it, we’re sharing some summertime necessity recipes for sunscreen and bug repellant.  DIY Sunscreen - This is a lower SPF sunscreen (10-15), based on the natural SPFs...

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03 Apr

Pea Season, Easter… SALAD!!!

(photo credit: It’s Spring and things are green, literally.  This is a green blog, green things are growing, Easter is almost upon us.  What better way to celebrate all things healthy and green than...

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