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15 Jun

Breathing Room in the Bedroom

Three years ago, reporters from Good Morning America conducted and reported on an investigation into the threats that indoor air pollution poses on our health. They did this by setting up a nursery with brand...

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27 May

The NEW Pure Echo LUXE

We are so excited to introduce the PURE ECHO LUXE!  We took our most popular mattress, The Pure Echo, up a level! Customers now how the option of the upgraded three-zone innerspring for increased lumbar support....

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22 Apr

Is Odor an Issue for Natural Wool Mattresses?

Many natural materials, like wool, have their own natural odor that is nontoxic. Some people are more sensitive to this smell than others. Wool is hygroscopic, which means it easily absorbs moisture, causing the natural odors to be more noticeable in humid climates. Read more →
02 Mar

DIY Mattress Freshening

At least one third of our lives is spent sleeping on a mattress. Add in time spent reading, watching television, cuddling, nursing, and playing on one and the amount of time that we spend on...

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01 Mar

Organic Cotton-it makes a difference!

Thankfully, the importance of eating organic foods is becoming common knowledge. With links to cancer, infertility, mental illnesses and the like, ingesting the chemicals commonly used on foods is toxic. What people are becoming increasingly...

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