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07 May

Helpful Tips For Sleeping Well With A Partner

Most people have a desire to sleep in the same bed as their partner, but this doesn't mean there won't be some¬†bumps¬†in the road when sharing your bed. This is especially true if you have slept in a bed by yourself for most of your life, only to begin sharing your bed in adulthood. Thankfully, there are certain tips that can help make sharing a bed not only possible, but also enjoyable. This means that you get to enjoy the snuggles, while still getting your space and comfort when you are sleeping. Here are 3 helpful tips.¬† Read more →
30 Apr

Is Lack of Sleep Causing Weight Gain?

Have you been struggling with your weight lately? Tried to lose weight but can't? Or maybe you have gained several pounds the last year and you can't understand why. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for you in several ways. Too much weight gain is hard on your joints, heart, and is associated with diabetes and other health risks. Some people try to keep their weight at optimal levels with little success while others have no problems with weight gain with seemingly no effort. What is the difference? For some people lack of sleep is the culprit. Read more →
09 Apr

6 Sleep Myths to Put to Rest

When it comes to sleep,¬†there are many myths that permeate our society. For instance, people still think that counting sheep is an effective way to fall asleep when¬†research¬†has shown that not only does it make it more difficult, but there are better images to envision that are more peaceful and effective. If you're having trouble sleeping or if you're just inherently curious, this list will detail¬†6 sleep myths that continue to persist despite already being seemingly disproved.¬† Read more →
26 Mar

5 Tips for Troublesome Sleep During Daylight Savings Time

Every¬†year that annoying little habit of turning your clocks forward and backward during the spring and fall occurs, messing with your internal clock. You're used to going to bed around¬†10:00 p.m., then suddenly, the time change makes you feel more tired (or less depending on the season). You can't get to sleep because your entire bedtime schedule is off, causing tossing and turning all night and a frustrating beginning to your morning. Read more →
19 Mar

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Community Garden

Does your neighborhood need a community garden? Not only can community gardens bring people together in a fun and safe space, but, depending on what you plant, they attract positive insects and can even provide...

Read more →

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