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05 Aug

Back to School: Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Schedule

Kids who follow a traditional school year with summers off typically get into a laid-back routine that they must then adjust once the new school year arrives. Mornings without alarm clocks, afternoon camps, sports, swimming pools, playgrounds with friends,¬†long evening walks, and no set schedules. These things all¬†are associated with the relaxed vibe of summer vacation. Read more →
24 Jun

Sleep Talking: Should You Worry?

Have you ever heard your partner or child mutter words or even whole sentences in their sleep? Maybe someone has told you, that you talk in your sleep. While it can be unnerving, sleep talking is generally nothing to worry about. Below, we're going to break down everything you need to know about sleep talking and what you can do about it. Read more →
17 Jun

The Daily Disadvantages of Inadequate Sleep

An alarming recent statistic shows that one in three suffer from not getting the right amount of sleep or good quality sleep. The same study found that stress in our daily lives, paired with digital devices and spending too much time working are the three main causes of lack of sufficient sleep. Despite many of us understanding that not getting enough adequate rest can have negative effects on our bodies and brains, few grasp how profound these consequences may be. A weak immune system, lapses in mental health, and increased chance of heart disease are all symptoms of not resting¬† well or not resting enough. Below, we'll examine a few of the multitude of negative effects that bad sleep practices can have on our lives.¬† Read more →
10 Jun

The Healthy Weight/Sleep Connection: Finding the Right Balance for Your Life

Plenty of studies have proven a connection between consistently getting the proper amount and quality of sleep and maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism. Insuring that you're sleeping the proper amount of time is relatively simple compared with knowing how well you're sleeping. And importantly, it's not just the amount of sleep, but the quality of that sleep that affects your weight, metabolism, and overall health. Consider what you can do to improve your sleep to help manage your weight and your overall health.¬† Read more →
03 Jun

Sleep Apnea: An Often Hidden & Dangerous Condition

For many of those who suffer, sleep apnea is a hidden condition. People might go for years, or even decades, before officially being diagnosed with this condition.

And ignoring this condition doesn't come without its consequences. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, uncontrolled sleep apnea could be a cause of habitual distracted behavior, mood swings, and loss of productivity. Studies have also shown a link between sleep apnea and a host of dangerous, even life-threatening problems, such as diabetes, strokes, and even heart attacks.

So what is sleep apnea? How can it be diagnosed? And most importantly, what can be done to treat it?

Read more →

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