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23 Feb

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Green-Minded

It may be a little early to be thinking about Spring cleaning as it’s still February, but the recent warmer weather here in the Midwest has it feeling like Spring is in the air!  We have...

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06 Feb

Feng Shui Fundamentals for a Child’s Bedroom

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement in relation to the flow of energy. In basic terms, the idea is that the placement of furniture and objects in any given area can either...

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03 Feb

Organic on a Budget: Eating Naturally on the Cheap

Organic on a Budget: Eating Naturally on the Cheap You don’t have to be a practicing organic shopper to know that organic products can be pricey.  Grocery stores not specializing in organic items usually have a...

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25 Jan

Overnight Oats: The Trend That’s Actually Healthy

Health trends are a dime a dozen with so many opinions out there as to what’s healthy and what isn’t, what will help you lose weight and what won’t, etc.  One recent fad that we...

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16 Jan

A Look at Mattresses Made with Bamboo

Over the past five years, bamboo seems to have climbed the charts in being one of the top eco-friendly materials. For some products, it may be, but for others, not so much. Read more →

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