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05 Nov

3 Ways Our Body Keeps Working While We Sleep

In spite of how common sleep is, there are few bodily processes more mysterious to humans. For example, scientists are divided over the functionality of dreams: are they the brain's method to enhance long-term memory, or simply the product of random brain activity? What is the purpose of the considerable neural and physiological variations produced in the body during REM (or, rapid eye movement) sleep? What exactly¬†is¬†the definition of sleep?¬† Read more →
29 Oct

5 Surprising Ways That Poor Sleep May Be Affecting You

Getting a good night's sleep is important if we want to maintain healthy and productive lifestyles. Too often, however, we find ourselves caught up in work deadlines, family obligations or household projects and the time we should have been dedicating to sleep has managed to slip away from us. Read more →
23 Oct

Ways to Make Your Bedroom Dark Enough for the Healthiest Sleep

Our bodies are regulated by light. Sunlight shuts off melatonin production in the day so it can produce it at night. It's just as important to sleep in a completely dark room so your body can continue to be in rhythm by producing the melatonin you need to stay asleep. Read more →
15 Oct

9 Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better

But what do you do when you can't get to sleep? Medications come with side effects and the possibility of becoming dependent on them. Believe it or not, the answer could be as simple as what you eat. Just check out these¬†9¬†foods that can help you sleep better. Read more →
08 Oct

Working Nights? Here's How to Improve Your Sleep

If you consistently work the night shift, you know the toll that the lack of sleep has on your body. Those who work the night shift or transition their sleep between days and nights are at¬†higher risk for fatigue, restlessness, and decreased attention, making it more important than ever that when you do get a chance to rest, that sleep should be of the highest quality possible.¬† Read more →

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